Mark N Tompkins is famous Canadian-born matte and background painter and scenic artist who worked on the creation of Lake Placid. He was one of the painters that created complex sets and backgrounds, that would have otherwise presented a problem for the shooting location. Working on this project in the United States has set Tompkins on his current path of success. This was the defining moment for him in 1999, when he tried to work as an actor, but had no or little success in that business.

History Edit

Born on January 16th, 1975 in Canada, Tompkins was the smallest of three children. His parents have noticed his talents for art from high school. Following his passion for love, Tompkins enrolled at the Capilano University in Vancouver, which strengthened his passion for painting. While education has set a course for his life, Tompkins moved to the USA, where he could display his talents. At first, he got the chance to work on minor theater plays as a set designer and set painter. It was later in 1999 when the producer of Lake Placid has hired him to do the work of the main painter. As it turns out, it was the right decision, since it launched his career into Hollywood.

Work Edit

Year Title Role
1999 Lake Placid[1] painter
2000 Final Destination[2] stand-by painter
2000 Duets scenic painter
2001 Antitrust stand-by painter
2001 Thir13en Ghosts[3] on-set painter
2002 K-9: P.I. (video) painter
2003 Freddy vs. Jason stand-by painter
2004 I, Robot[4] painter
2005 Fantastic Four painter
2005 Chaos lead paint
2006 Eight Below scenic artist
2006 She's the Man[5] second unit lead painter
2007 Code Name: The Cleaner stand-by painter
2007 The Last Mimzy painter
2007 88 Minutes stand-by painter
2007 Whisper graphics illustrator
2009 Psych[6] on-set painter
2009 I Love You, Beth Cooper[7] on-set painter
2009 Case 39 on-set painter
2009 2012[8] painter
2010 Hot Tub Time Machine on-set painter
2012 The Movie Out Here paint coordinator
2013 Elysium[9] on-set painter
2013 Horns[10] paint coordinator
2014 Godzilla on-set painter
2014 Manglehorn paint coordinator
2015 Fifty Shades of Grey painter foreman

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